Trendwood Cabinetry Manufacturing ​Ltd


Tcm Joinery specializes in the production of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, crafted by skilled joiners with nearly three decades of experience. Our cabinets are not only robust but also incorporate thoughtful design principles to make the most of every space. This unique approach distinguishes Tcm Joinery from other providers, enhancing user accessibility and convenience. Additionally, our strategic placement of appliances and accessories is not only visually appealing but also optimized for ergonomics and workflow.

Central to our business is a four-fold mission: planning, design, construction, and installation of kitchens and wardrobes, all executed with meticulous attention to detail. With almost 30 years of expertise, we take pride in delivering durable products and exceptional service.

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TCM Joinery demonstrates success in transforming client ideas into beautifully functional design solutions by extension. We have experience in leading design projects from start to finish on time, on budget, and with excellent quality offering expert client relations, sales, and negotiation skills. Some of our clients are leading estate developers, gold-mining gated communities, individual homeowners, and many more.

Our team, along with our state-of-the-art autokitchen computer-aided design software system, turns every order into a masterpiece for its designs. Generation of parts list from autokitchen allows just-in-time manufacturing process management approach as a central source for further tools and equipment integration serve to aid in effective production line management with high efficiency, reduced lead time to product launch, shorter product times and reduced work in progress inventories as well as allowing rapid response to product or product changes.


Our mission is not only to manufacture kitchens and wardrobes, but through training and sustainable job training we empower our joiners to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.

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Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.